About Us
We are a team of highly motivated and positively framed people who work under the umbrella of Sunmitra Education Technologies Limited. Our efforts are focussed on development of human resources by way of direct education, developing content for their development or creating technology based tools and platforms that can help this development.

Our Mission
To work in a rhythmic and synergistic way to keep building a model of content creation, delivery and collaboration which uses the state of the art technology and an inclusive human approach in every domain of education which makes a person a better individual to serve this mankind.

Our Modus Operandi
We believe in a system of collaborative education, where we keep taking initiatives to deliver and develop content on one side while we also keep building a network of participating users who contribute by way of extending delivery of our content, creation of new content or modifications of the existing content. This system is possible by the use of social media as well as the one is to one email or contact form feedback system. Lot of collaborative feedback also comes from the learning classes we conduct.

Objectives Behind this Site

While creating this website we kept the following objectives in our mind.

  • We shall focus on weaknesses of Indians in context of speaking and understanding of English Grammar.
  • We shall use multi-mode content delivery techniques to meet the above objective with presentations, story narrations, discussions, dramatics, drawings, gaming etc.
  • We shall focus on building confidence amongst the users of this course material.
  • We shall keep the content free for our users and also for other other netizens who might like to become a party to our mission by using our course material in their classes.