Some Key Points

  • 360 Million people in the world find it easy. You too will.
  • It is actually easier than most other languages you know.
  • It will make you go through the biggest treasure of stories, anecdotes, humour and all the technical content that will transform your life for ever.
  • It helps you earn higher Income or even to get your first Income.

Practical Tips

  • No shying business please. Incorrect attempt is better than shying
  • Grammar will ultimately come, try to speak first.
  • Translation between your language to English is good, only in the beginning, later you need to think in the language you are speaking. One can think in multiple languages without any problem.
  • Just try a little bit! an average grown-up person in a city in India may already be knowing more than 1000 English words.
  • All of us has a capability to retain more than 50,000 words of our native language and easily more than 5000 words of a foreign language, and that too many foreign languages at a time.
  • With a knowledge of about 500 specific words of a language, most day to needs can be met.

English Language Specific Tips

  • Remember Correct Subject Verb Agreement as Follows He goes.
    I go.
    We go.
    You go.
    (Learn More Here)
  • Verb forms are really neat and important (Learn Here)
  • Prepositions make all the difference. (Exercise here)
  • Comparatives and Superlatives can be worrisome. (Perfect them here)
  • Etiquettes related sentences can make all the difference. (Try them here or here)
  • Reading more and more is the key. (Examples are here)